Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How I Made the Bathroom Fixtures- Tub

Finished Bathroom
The bathroom is now finished.   All fixtures were made from wood.   The baseboard molding and the  molding around the door and window is white fun foam.   Making the flooring and sink was discussed in a previous post.    The door between the bathroom and bedroom is a printable.

The tub is a block of wood, about 1.5"x2"x5".  The interior of tub was routed out (by a friend...not me) and all edges were softly rounded by sanding.   The first photo below shows tub after being primed.  Hot and cold faucet knobs (child safe) were made by embedding dowels at end of tub.

Tub was painted white and faucets were painted metallic silver.  After paint dried, both the tub and sink|countertop were sprayed with a high gloss finish.   

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