Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Ugly Duckling

So, here it is...the Five Dollar Dollhouse!  A yard sale find that I intend to turn from an ugly duckling into a swan.  It actually looked a lot worse than this when I bought it ...this is the "cleaned-up" house in the 'before' photo.  All of the moldy carpeting and ugly torn wallpaper has already been removed along with most of the broken cabinets.  I forgot to take a photo first!  Dang!    But, the old wooden house is solid and pretty darn close to 1" (1/12) scale with 9 inch (9 foot) ceilings, so it'll be nice to work with. 

When it's all fixed up, this dollhouse will be a gift for a 4yr old girl, so buying those fragile and expensive miniatures usually found in a dollhouse shop just isn't going to be practical.   Consequently, this project will be an exercise in creativity because I will be making most of the furnishings and I don't intend to spend much money in the process!   Follow this WIP and I'll share some money-saving, tight-budget tips along with links to online dollhouse resources.   I'll also share my mistakes so maybe we can all learn from them!  LOL ;-)

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